Gifts For People Who Have Everything 30.09.19

Most of us have at least one friend or relative who has everything. When it comes to buying gifts, shopping for presents for those hard-to-buy-for people can be daunting, but there is a solution. In the last decade, there has been a noticeable rise in the popularity of personalised gifts, with a dazzling array of options now available both in-store and online. If you find yourself in a scenario where you’re struggling to think of novel ideas for a sibling or a friend who already has every gift on your mental short-list, adding a personal touch could solve your dilemma.

The history of personalisation

The popularity of personalised gifts may have soared recently but adding personal touches to presents is not a new concept. If you look back through history, there are some very early references to personalisation. In the Middle Ages, artisans often added a symbol, a name or carefully-selected lettering when creating bespoke items to take ownership of the product, but this practice quickly evolved. Monogramming became a means of marking your work, but also adding something extra to a token or gift. In the Renaissance era, incorporating personalised messages became more commonplace, and sweet ditties and romantic verses were often used for engagement and wedding gifts. Today, personalisation takes a diverse range of forms, and it’s possible to purchase a selection of objects branded with letters, poetry, dates, and places. Personalised gifts have a luxurious edge, and they are often associated with exclusive brands.

Why are personalised gifts so popular?

We all have an affinity with our names. Of all the names that our parents could have chosen for us, they selected one moniker. As a child, I would get excited whenever I saw something with my name on, and although the intensity of the feeling may wane as I aged, it never really leaves. (This was our only drawback in choosing an unusual name for Baloo!) Another draw is the thought that goes into buying or designing a personalised item. Usually, when browsing the aisles and shelves, either physical or virtual, we select a product, wrap it, and give it to a loved one. With a personalised present, there’s an extra stage in the process, and this automatically makes that gift more thoughtful. As a buyer, you’ve gone out of your way to do something different and select an item that is unique. Human beings are innately sociable creatures, and we’re programmed to respond positively to warmth and affection. Feeling like you mean something to others can fill you with unbridled joy.

Personalised gifts have also become more popular because we buy tokens for an ever-growing range of occasions, and many of us have an innate desire to purchase something that isn’t ordinary or run-of-the-mill. We’re increasingly keen to swerve the tried and tested and think outside of the box to show those closest to us just how much they mean.

Personalised gift ideas

Personalised gifts have become much more accessible, and for shoppers searching for tasteful, meaningful presents for relatives, colleagues, or friends, this is excellent news. There is a broad spectrum of gifts available to cater for all kinds of interests and tastes. Here is a carefully curated selection of ideas to provide inspiration if you’re looking for the perfect gift for somebody who has everything.

Personalised notebooks and stationery

If you have a friend who loves to write, or you’re on the hunt for a classic, timeless gift that looks beautiful and also serves a purpose, bespoke stationery is a wonderful option. Products like monogrammed, personalised notebooks and customised writing sets are a cut above standard items you would find in a stationery store, and they’re likely to appeal to a wide range of recipients. From those who keep a journal to list lovers and those who like to make notes either inside or outside of work, this is a perfect choice.  We have a great selection of personalised notebooks, correspondence sets, and leather stationery.


Jewellery has been a popular gift for centuries. Although styles and trends have changed, many of us love nothing more than opening a box to reveal something shiny or sparkly. Personalised jewellery adds another dimension and adding a date or a name can elevate what is already a beautiful item to the next level. For any occasion, incorporating details and letters and numbers that mean something can make your gift even more precious. I was given a tiny gold disc pendent with a ‘b’ on it when I had baloo and it hasn’t left my neck in over 2 years.

Prints and artwork

There is something special about gifting prints and artwork. To choose something like a picture or a framed image requires you to know somebody well, as you’re looking for a style that would jump out and evoke an emotional response in another person, rather than catering for your own taste. When choosing prints, you can enhance the gift by incorporating a personal touch. Adding names or special dates, for example, can make that person feel as though that design was made specifically for them and create a present that will forever bring back memories or conjure up happy thoughts. We have a range of personalised prints available.


Gift hampers have become incredibly fashionable in the last few years. While going to a store and selecting a basket filled with treats is a lovely idea, you can go one step further if you choose to embrace the personalisation trend. If you know the recipient well, you can put together a sumptuous selection of their favourite things, creating a bespoke hamper. From toiletries, candles, and luxury pyjamas for a relaxing, tranquil night of pampering to a decadent selection of edible delicacies, you can adapt this idea to suit any occasion. My favourite hampers come from Fortnum & Mason.

Trying to buy gifts for people who have everything can be exasperating. If you’re fretting about treating somebody special, and you’re experiencing a mental block, personalised gifts could provide a solution. Adding personal touches not only creates unique presents, but it also adds a meaningful element. Once you’ve selected an item you know your friend or family member will love, you can put your own spin on it or add words, letters, or dates that mean something to them to elevate that product and make it extra special. Gift buying doesn’t have to be a chore and there are some fabulous personalised items out there to suit all occasions.

Take a look at all of our personalised gift ideas.

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