How Katie decorates for Christmas 15.12.19

With the arrival of baby Woody this Christmas, decorations have taken a little longer to go up but when I finally got a chance to deck the halls I naturally fell back into the annual traditions that I know and love.

I put on a Christmas film, this year’s choice was Home Alone, and dig through my box of decorations. With Baloo as our little sidekick things were a lot less plain sailing as previous years, but I’m in no rush to decorate as it’s always fun to decorate our home.

I always go for natural colours with a hint of brass, copper or gold. Starting with the tree, it always has to be real, we have gone big this year, nearly 8ft to be precise! I combine natural greens, clean white lights and bronze baubles. We have steadily grown our bauble collection, and this year we have had some beautiful hand painted ones from a friend marking Woody’s first Christmas. Call me scrooge but I can safely say there is no tinsel in sight! Its classic, traditional and rather minimal, if a little Scandinavian in style.

I try to reuse and keep it green wherever I can – including old gift tags as decorations for the tree, wooden reindeers and home-made paper chains using our scrap papers. Few green suggestions here such as a wooden tree or recycled cards as gift tags for your gifts.

We have also adorned our tree with our new collaborative ceramic decorations made with Emma Alington; it’s lovely to have something we have made on the tree and I look forward to making decorations with the kids in years to come such as these.

If you’re starting to decorate, then I have a few ideas that I wanted to share with you…

Paper Chains Above The Hearth

The paper chain is one of the most uncomplicated and delightful holiday decorations in my quiver and incredibly easy to make. While you can use a fresh stack of paper, I prefer to cut up old documents I no longer need and repurpose them for use around the home – and always minimal colours.

Two styles of paper chains are prevalent in my household. The first is the plain paper variety with little stars cut into each of the rings. It creates a neat, gentle effect that pairs incredibly well with frosting on the tree. The second is to use holiday-themed coloured card for each link. Natural tones are ideal for when you want to spruce up a bare wall or add a little drama to your pantry – nothing too bright and bold.

Paper Garlands Hung From Beams

Paper garlands are among the most versatile holiday decorations in my arsenal. This year, I’ll be sticking them on door frames and hanging them from overhead beams.

If you want a vintage-themed Christmas, I highly recommend that you use garlands wherever possible, particularly overhead. They work exceptionally well on mantelpieces or in any home with exposed wooden beams. Hanging them is easy. Just place a few small tacks in the wood, attach your cut-outs to a piece of string, and then drape the completed garland over them.

I also recommend purchasing a craft punch, a tool that lets you cut out a variety of shapes for your garlands, quickly and easily. A craft punch can help you get out of last-minute decoration rushes, allowing you to whip up dozens of individual garlands in short order. You can either attach them to a string or fix them individually to a door frame, your mantelpiece, or anywhere else you feel is in a bit of a need of a lift.

Crepe Paper Streamers On Walls And Furniture

Crepe paper streamers are one of the simplest and most affordable ways to add a little festive cheer to your home, providing you with myriad options to spruce up your house.

There are all kinds of ways that I like to use this particular kind of paper for decorations. One idea is to attach a long, thin ribbon to the cornice of your room and start twisting it to create little twirls. Then, once you’ve got the ideal number of rotations, stick it to the skirting board to hold it in place. This way, you can cover vast tracts of bare walls with decorations with minimal effort. Plus, it’s a great way to framing focal points in your home, like the fireplace or the TV.

There are plenty of other ways that I like to use streamers too. One is to wrap them around railings on beds (or anywhere else where there are columns or posts). You can also use twisted crepe paper as a quick garland and drape them from the ceiling – just as you would the punched variety.

Paper Fans And Flowers

Paper fans and flowers are the perfect way to create a big impression while staying within budget. They feature enormously in my household every Christmas time and pair exceptionally well with chains.

When it comes to paper flowers, you can either buy or make your own. They’re excellent by themselves, but they’re particularly useful for concealing joins and ties. You can pair them with paper chains using wire cords, using the volume of the flowers to hide any of the scaffolding behind.

Bought paper globes make excellent, make-shift chandeliers, allowing me to add a little pomp and ceremony to the holiday season. They work particularly well above the dining table.

Finally, two-dimensional paper fans are ideal when I want to conceal any unsightly parts of my home that are bare for the rest of the year. You can place them on walls to create a stunning display that heralds the arrival of the season.

Paper Stars In The Living Room And Dining Room

Stars are intimately associated with the Christmas season, and they’re beautiful too, working in practically any setting.

Try hanging paper stars on a semi-invisible string from the ceiling, creating a mock-planetarium feel – perfect for the living room or dining room.

I’d love to see your photos of Christmas, so why not share them on social media and tag in @katieleamon so we can see your great decoration ideas.

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