The Art of Wrapping Gifts 02.09.19

Wrapping paper – with a history dating back thousands of years, we frequently purchase to wrap birthday, anniversary, Christmas presents and any other special occasion gifts. But have you ever wondered, why do we wrap gifts?

In this journal post, we will take you through a brief history, show you the importance of gift wrapping and why it is now considered an art form that shouldn’t be ignored.

A Brief History of Wrapping Paper

A tradition that dates back to ancient China (in the 2nd Century BC in fact), gifts were wrapped and then distributed by government officials.

In 14th Century Japan, gift wrapping soon became an art. Furoshiki, which involves the technique of pleating and folding cloth meant that people could wrap gifts in an exciting and aesthetically-pleasing way. A method that is still seen today, it is delicate and elegant.

Fast forward to 1917 in Kansas City. The Hall brothers (who later created the internationally-renowned Hallmark company) owned a stationery store that sells greeting cards, gift tags and white tissue paper. After running out of the tissue paper, they attempt to find an alternative. And they settled on envelope liners. This crucial choice developed into the wrapping paper that we see today. Since then, the technique of wrapping gifts has developed so that it is now considered a work of art.

In 18th Century Scotland and England, decorated wrapping paper rapidly became a huge craze. From gold-embossing to marbled papers, it was no longer about plain wrapping paper. Instead, people wanted to receive and give gifts that were wrapped in a remarkable paper.

In the modern-day, people are looking towards higher-end wrapping paper that follows interior design trends. Whether it be marbling or polka dots, there is always a new trend that is echoed in the stationary industry.

Making Gifts Extraordinary

Alongside the wrapping paper you can add wonderful touches like twine, ribbon, a bow (the US believe that the bigger the bow the better!) or even a simple gift tag. A great way of enclosing the present so that it is a surprise for the receiver, it shows that you have taken the time to not only select a wrapping paper that suits them but that you have put the effort into concealing what you have bought and adding to the suspense of the unveiling.

Just think about it. A bare gift in a bag is bound to make the receiver feel a little less enthused. Not in an ungrateful way, by any means. But a wrapped gift adds a special touch that simply can’t be replicated by an unwrapped gift. Heightening the experience overall, there is nothing quite like ripping open a present – no matter what the occasion.

For me, I reminisce about being a child and it came time to opening presents on Christmas Day, now I am older and have a child, it’s as exciting again, if not more, to see his expression when faced with an array of oddly shaped objects all mystically covered in colourful gift wrap.

An Art Form in Itself

Now, not everyone is amazing at wrapping. And I’m sure that your relatives or friends won’t be distraught if your wrapping isn’t a complete work of art. Speaking from experience – Ruairi’s signature wrap is ton foil, but it still adds to the excitement! But with the right tools and materials, you can wrap gifts in a way that will make them eager to see the gift inside.

One thing to remember is to not use too much paper or tape. Too much tape on a gift shows that you have rushed the wrapping process. Whereas too much paper is not only wasteful, but it can make the process of unwrapping more difficult than it should really be.

Not everyone can afford professional gift wrapping. So if you are looking for a fun (and more budget-friendly) alternative, the first step you can take is using good-quality wrapping paper. Even though it is tempting to use the cheapest wrapping paper you can find, this could rip when it comes time to enclose the gift – sending you into a panicked frenzy. High-quality wrapping paper will also make the gift look a little more premium – which therefore gives off a good impression when you hand the gift to them.

With numerous inspiration posts across the web, it’s clear that the world of gift wrapping will continue to grow. So make sure that you aren’t left behind. Invest in some wrapping paper and gift tags, so that when it comes time to wrap a gift, you aren’t left in a last-minute rush that means that the gift isn’t wrapped how you would have wanted.

Add a touch of creative flair with wrapping paper that you are proud of. And by doing so, your loved one will love your remarkable gift. Just remember to not go too over the top on gift wrapping – even if it is a Pinterest masterpiece, it probably won’t be worth the effort or money that you have put into it.

Tips for Wrapping

  1. Cut your wrapping paper so you’re able to wrap the gift with 5cm extra. Paper should cover both sides of the package’s height.
  2. Position the narrow side of your box diagonally across the sheet of wrapping paper. Yes, diagonally, trust us it’s better.
  3. Fold the bottom and left sides up and over the gift.
  4. Tape those sides together on the top of the gift.
  5. Fold the top and right sides up and over the gift.
  6. Tape those and you’re all done.
  7. Tie the gift with a length of luxury ribbon – the quality really shines and they’ll likely want to reuse it on their own gifts.
  8. Attach one of our gift tags, sign your name and you’re done.

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