Upgrade Your Gift Wrapping This Year 14.10.19

If you’re one of those people who likes to get organised early, and you have an eye for detail, you’ll know all too well that preparing doesn’t just involve compiling lists of gifts and recipients. It’s also about buying into the excitement and exercising your creative talents to make your presents look incredible. If you’re keen to up your wrapping game this year, here are some wonderful ways to dazzle your friends and family.

There’s nothing more visually enticing than a beautifully wrapped gift. Whether you have a pile of parcels, or you’re making your way through the crowds to greet friends laden with sparkling bags or glistening boxes, there’s no doubt that wrapping can make a difference. If you tend to go for low-key wrapping, or you’re always on the lookout for novel ways to make your gifts stand out in the crowd, here are some innovative ideas to inspire you this year.

Embrace the natural look

An affinity with nature and the great outdoors doesn’t have to stop at buying decorative accessories or choosing furniture or flooring for the home. Why not consider using this trend as inspiration for a wrapping theme? In addition to using sustainably resourced paper printed with trees or animals, you can also go a step further by incorporating tangible touches like holly sprigs, pine cones, berries, and pine leaves. Finish the look with a raffia bow or a simple string tie for a chic, minimalist aesthetic that will look stunning.

Personalise your presents

Personalised gifts have become incredibly popular. The good news is that if you love the idea of personalising your presents, you don’t have to stop at buying a gift that features meaningful dates or initials. You can carry the theme, and add a personal touch to your wrapping. You can do this by designing your own paper or by creating bespoke gift tags.

Gift tags serve a purpose, distinguishing the recipient from other family members and friends within the pile, but they also have serious aesthetic appeal. For a personal gift for somebody special, you could add a monogrammed tag or even use a photograph to make it clear who each gift is for. Retro-style polaroids are an excellent option, and you can choose to add words or simply let the image do the talking.

Utilise your creative talents

Have you ever trawled stationery and card shops desperately trying to find wrapping paper or gift tags that have that extra special edge? You can buy all kinds of paper from stores, but nothing compares to designing your own if you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for. If you’re an artistic type, or you enjoy doodling or drawing, have you thought about putting pen to paper and letting your creative juices flow? Using your own designs will ensure you end up with paper and tags that you love, and it can also add an extra dimension to your gifts for others, as you can customise different designs for each recipient.

Get tagging

Gift tags can have a dramatic impact on the look of a gift, and they can really elevate even the most simple and modest design. Once you’ve wrapped your presents, don’t forget to add a tag of some sort. You can buy all kinds of tags, often as part of matching wrapping sets, or you could make your own. Ensure that the tags you buy or design complement the paper and any other accessories you plan to add, for example, ribbons or bows. When you’re putting a mental picture together, think about how you’re going to fasten the tag and where to place it for full effect. You could use string to tie a tag for a rustic look or opt for a silk or velvet ribbon tie for a more glamorous, opulent effect.

Invest in a paper cutter

If you like to get creative and you’re looking for ways to spruce up your wrapping and turn heads, investing in a paper cutter is an excellent idea. With this kind of tool, you can use all kinds of shapes to decorate your gifts. Choose from stars or Christmas trees for a classic festive vibe, or hearts or reindeer for children’s presents. Once you’ve chosen a shape, you can select coloured or white card and use your cutter to create strings for tying tags or adding interest to plain paper. White stars work brilliantly on black paper, for example, and you can finish the look with a larger star-shaped gift tag in gold, silver, or craft paper.

With Christmas shopping, there’s no better time to start thinking about what you’re going to buy and how you’re going to present your gifts. This year, why not up your wrapping game and try something a little different? You can design your own paper, create your own tags or take inspiration from trends or ideas you’ve seen on the catwalk or in interior magazines. From sprigs of holly and personalised gift tags to custom-designed wrapping paper and ribbons made using a paper cutter, there’s a host of simple but effective ways to upgrade your wrapping and wow your friends and family.

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