An update on our Plastic Free Pledge 02.03.20

As we are now safely into 2020, and the dark days of January are behind us, I wanted to update you with how our pledge to be Plastic Free by 2020 was going! I am incredible proud to report we have achieved it…. Well we are 99% there!

Our biggest challenge was how to secure our greetings cards, and keep them safe and clean in store if we abandoned cellophane sleeves. We have spent a LOT of time testing various techniques, from Card Klasp Stickers to tracing paper belly bands and corn starch sleeve. While all come with their benefits they also all come with problems. We found some worked for some of our customers and for others they didn’t, depending on how they displayed their stock. We are still continuing to explore the greetings card packaging and reach the perfect solution, but for now we are settled on the corn starch sleeves. This is because it provides the best protection for the cards which we found both the stickers and belly bands could not do as well, and also became damaged themselves unless end customers are very careful, but thats a little out of our control.

With regards to outer packaging, we have replaced our cardboard tubes that carried our gift wrap as they had plastic caps on the ends. They are now packed in a recycled cardboard self sealing oblong tube which is also much sturdier and compact for the post. Win Win! We now also use paper belly bands to brand & package our notebooks & notecards rather than cellos or plastic front boxes, and to be honest they are much nicer for it, I wish we had made the change years ago! Furthermore, our outer packaging is all recycled and our paper and marketing material is all printed on FSC certified papers and are all 100% recyclable.

2019 also saw the launch of our first 100% recycled collection, with cards and envelopes made from reclaimed coffee cups otherwise destined for landfill. We have expanded this collection to our Christmas 2020 range, which are all made from the same reclaimed stock. This will be our first 100% recycled Christmas collection and we will be doing all we can to promote and encourage a Green Christmas later this year.

This year, as we celebrate our 10th year in business we have been reflecting on previous designs and are set to release some sample sale mystery packages online in a bid to use up sample stock, discontinued lines and archived items rather than waste them. There are some really exciting bundles to get your hands on and will be priced at £15 with an actual retail value of £60!

So, when I said we were 99.9999% there, there is the issue of the glue on some of our stickers. While the stickers are still recyclable and made from paper, the glue has some plastic content. We are in the process of trying to replace this, but as yet we have not found a supplier in the industry that has managed to crack the problem completely. We also still use a small amount of biodegradable bubble wrap – only when absolutely necessary – its made from recycled plastic and is 100% biodegradable.

Did I mention all our inks are also vegetable based and the items are all made in England so our carbon footprint, although not perfect, is plodding in the right direction and the single use plastics are OUT. We will continue to do our bit and educate ourselves on how we can do better and encourage you to do the same. There are so many sustainable options out there now, there really is no excuse for not going greener.

Katie x


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