Meet our Stockists: Cursive 06.03.19

Meet Cursive, New York – A personal expression of Michael and Douglas’ combined love of objects and life. With one store at Grand Central and another on Broadway you are never to far away from your next stationery fix in NYC. Find out about their inspirations for opening and running their stores along with their top tips for visiting New York City and more.

Q. Why did you want to open your own store?

It was based around the idea that a stationery shop could be more, something inspired, different. We opened the first Cursive inside of ABC Carpet and Home almost 15 years ago; it was a much different time then.

Q. What is the story behind your stores name “Cursive”?

We had a list of names like Paperclip, “&” and Motel Deluxe.  All solid stationery and writing related themes, but we just couldn’t commit to any of them. One day while riding the subway I looked up and there, on a rocker kid’s jacket, was a little round pin that said CURSIVE.   Turns out it was the name of an Indie Rock band… perfect for what we were going to do with our shop!

Q. What has been the best moment in your stores life so far?

The spaces we have created for communities to form around are our biggest accomplishment. Seeing how much joy the shops inspire in people’s lives really gives us the most pleasure. Mom and Pop, or in our case, Pop and Pop shops are the backbones of communities.  Independent stores are a dying breed in New York City. It is very rewarding that we are supported and celebrated.

Q. One item you can’t live without?

A fine tip pen. Oh… and a journal.  And a cocktail… preferably all at the same time!

Q. Where did you first hear about Katie Leamon?  

We first discovered Katie’s line at the National Stationery Show in 2014. We are big proponents of trade fairs; it’s really the only way to see the complete vision and POV of the designers.

Q. Do you have a favourite Katie Leamon Product?

We are crazy about the marble notebooks!

Q. Your top tips for someone visiting New York City? 

Wear comfortable, but good looking shoes!  We walk everywhere and style counts here. Walk the Highline, starting at 34th Street, but only before 10am any unless you LOVE crowds.  Hit up the Whitney Museum of American Art, (it’s at the other end of the Highline) and have a drink outside at the top floor café.   After that, walk and get lost in the West Village. I would tell you where to eat, but then I wouldn’t be able to get a table!

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