Playlist: Christmas Vol.II 07.12.18

Does your granny always tell you that the old songs are the best? Listen now to our favourite Christmas classics from yesteryear…

Playlist: Christmas Vol. I 30.11.18

We know it’s not quite December yet, so here’s a list of festive hits that aren’t quite Christmas songs.

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Small Business Saturday

I first started the business because I enjoyed creating beautiful stationery and luckily its grown into a family business that myself and my parter Ruairi can both be a part of. I began in 2010 by applying my illustrations to a range of products including cards and notebooks. I lovingly hand printed each card, and sewed each notebook hoping to build a tangible connection to each product that our customers could then enjoy. Eight years on we still aim for that exact same feeling in all the products we make. Our signature hand printed cards have evolved and we have branched into new and exciting trends in the industry whilst still maintaining the inherent authentic nature of our brand.
We are now a team of 10, made up largely of our family and friends. Our cards are still hand printed individually in house and our team pride themselves on our attention to detail not only in the product but in the service we provide for our customers.
Small Business Saturday is a time to celebrate our journey, our customers and our ethics. Although my goalposts of success continue to move and our aims become higher, my values remain the same and I wont compromise on them. I don’t believe you can well maintain these details and values on a larger scale, so I am proud to be (and remain) a small business and celebrate the qualities that come with that.

Kate Donates

This month Kate donates to the East Anglia Children’s Hospices – EACH, and has chosen the Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas card. 100% of profits from the card this month will go to Kate’s chosen charity.

I have chosen EACH as they provide amazing support for families/carers who have children with life threatening conditions. They not only offer end of life care but a full range of therapies from music and art for the children to emotional and psychological for the adults.


Playlist: Autumn Vol.VI – 1998 15.11.18

Throwback Thursday – 20 years on, here’s some of our favourites from 1998.

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Meet Our Stockists: Pappsalon

Meet Pappsalon, a modern stationery store in the German town of Itzhoe, featuring a curated selection of the finest paper goods from all over the world. Since opening their store and online shop in 2014, Cass and Linda have been lovingly selecting the most beautiful paper products with a focus on small independent designers and brands.

We caught up with Linda to talk all things paper!

Q. Why did you decide to open Pappsalon?

Whilst studying architecture at University we ran a model shop for students and really enjoyed it. After graduating we decided that the architecture profession wasn’t the right route and instead found a love of paper and beautiful things, from here the idea of PAPPSALON was born.

Q. Is there a story behind your stores name?

Our store is situated in an old building from the turn of the century, it used to be used by a hardware and kiln dealer and still features the original cast-iron columns. We wanted a name that connects the building space and the new purpose of the store. Our model shop at university was called Pappenheim which means ‘home for cardboard’, we used this idea for our new name, paper in german is pappe + salon = Pappsalon.

Q. What has been the best moment in your stores life so far?

This is probably the most beautiful job in the world for us, there has been so many great moments. However, our first multi-page feature in the lovely Flow magazine was particularly exciting for us.

Q. What is one item you can’t live without?

I know it’s a rather romantic answer but we could go without nearly all materialistic things, but could never live without our lovely family and friends, and would be reluctant to live without really good food too!

Q. Where did you first hear about Katie Leamon?

Last summer we were introduced to Katie Leamon and absolutely loved the products!

Q. What is your favourite Katie Leamon product?

We love the luxury assorted pencil sets and the marbled notebooks with gold cut.

Thanks Linda! 

Travel Guide: Lisbon 02.11.18

Last month we visited the city of Lisbon for one final slice of summer. The Portuguese capital has been on our bucket list for a while now and it was great to finally get away after a very busy few months! Lisbon is one of Europe’s oldest cities, so while picturesque cobbled streets and ancient architecture are never too far away, we also found a forward thinking community of artists, makers and small business owners that give the city an amazing creative buzz.  Here are our top tips for Lisbon;

The Old Town

We were staying in an Airbnb in between the areas of Alfarma and Graca, Alfarma is the oldest district in Lisbon and a great place for a morning wander, think narrow cobblestoned alleyways and quaint local cafés and grocery shops. Graca is situated on Lisbons highest point so you can expect incredible views. Similar to Alfarma this is an authentic Portuguese neighbourhood, however there is also a vibrant creative community here, so you’ll find street art, galleries and contemporary bars alongside the more traditional shops and restaurants.

Portugal’s battered economy is bouncing back from the Eurozone crisis and Lisbon is leading the way: renovating rundown areas, supporting local businesses and attracting entrepreneurship. It’s a forward-looking mentality that is allowing creativity to flourish

Suitcase Magazine

Time Out Market

Lisbon’s Mercado da Ribeira is a must-visit for food, drink and culture. The market has been running here since the 1890s but in 2014 turned into Time out’s very first curated market. All the stands here have been tasted and tested by a team of experts so you know it’s going to be tasty. We had the best strawberry ice cream and also tried Portuguese custard tarts or ‘Pastel de nata’ a local delicacy which did not disappoint.

Casa Independente

The coolest place to hang out in all of Lisbon. We discovered this hidden gem through my brother who has lived in Portugal for the last few years (See Tom’s wall mural inside the casa below). Originally a Manor House dating back to 1863, the space has now been turned into a place of culture that hosts live music, exhibitions, artistic residencies and more. We spent most of our time in the Tropical Tasca where they serve meals, snacks and drinks.

Tom Leamon Wall Mural at the Casa Independente


Only a 40 minute train journey away, Sintra is an enchanted town in the hills between Lisbon and the Atlantic, this was such a fun day-trip and if I’m honest we could of spent longer here. Home to the castles and palaces of past Moorish and Portuguese royalty and wealthy, we visited the Quinta da Regaleira a magnificent estate and heart of the town. The palace is magnificent but the garden is the real treasure, featuring lakes, fountains, grottoes and hidden caves and connecting tunnels.

Sintra, @theprettycities

Playlist: Autumn Vol. V – Halloween 01.11.18

We have spooky selection for you this week in celebration of Halloween. Listen on Spotify >

Elle Donates

Each month, one card will be selected by a member of the Katie Leamon team along with a charity or cause that is dear to them. We will then pledge 100% of all profits from the chosen card to the allocated charity for that month!

This month Elle donates to the Epilepsy Society.

I have chosen the Epilepsy Society as my charity along with the Gold stocking Christmas card for this month’s Katie Donates. Epilepsy has effected my family for the past few years due to my little brother suffering with rare occasions of seizures mainly happening when around lots of people, which had a big effect on family holidays, being out in town, and generally being outside of his comfort zone . Having seen my brother have numbers of seizures at real random moments was awful and has made me realise what other families go through and can only admire the courage it takes to help their loved ones. I have the understanding that anyone can develop epilepsy, at any time of life, as it did to my brother. It happens in people of all ages, races and social classes, and is most common in children and people over 65. So hopefully we can raise some money this month with Katie donates.


Playlist: Autumn Vol. IV 19.10.18

Press play for some alternative indie anthems. Listen on Spotify >

Meet our Stockists: 32 The Guild

32 The Guild has one simple premise: beautiful things for every budget. Opening in Northampton’s cultural quarter in May 2013, the store offers an exciting and unique blend of women’s footwear, accessories and gifts.

Q. Tell us a bit about your store and why you opened it?

I opened the store because having moved to Northampton from London I really struggled to find any shops that inspired me, so I decided to open one myself!

Q. Is there a story behind your stores name? 

The shop is situated at 32 Guildhall Rd… We sought inspiration from the bricks and mortar and named it 32 The Guild.

Q. What has been the best moment in your stores life so far?  

The best moment so far has been winning the Drapers Independent Lifestyle store of the year, oh and also being in The Times as one of their boutique of the week!

Q. What is one item you can’t live without?  

Escentric Molecules – Molecule 01 fragrance. I wear it all the time, it is as important to me as cleaning my teeth and brushing my hair, it’s truly an essential.

Q. Where did you first hear about Katie Leamon?

I saw the most lovely card in a super cool shop in Shoreditch. I then did some research and the rest is history.

Q. What is your favourite Katie Leamon product?

I love the marble alphabet cards, we have a full range in the shop! However, my absolute favourite product is the Christmas Crackers, they are always so beautiful.

Thank you Zoie! 

Playlist: Autumn Vol.III 05.10.18

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