Playlist: Spring Vol.I 21.03.19

Press play and start your weekend with a spring in your step.

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Write_On Campaign 20.03.19

How many letters will you write during National Letter Writing month? We first discovered the Write_On campaign back in 2016 through one of our favourite US brands – Egg Press. Katie took part in the challenge that year and wrote 30 letters throughout April (one per day).

Since then our company has grown, we’ve moved studios (twice) and Katie & Ruairi have welcomed Baloo into the world. As such, we haven’t been in a position to take part but this year we can’t wait to get involved once more. As a brand we have always been advocates of written correspondence and constantly push to keep the art of letter writing alive. At a time of such digital convenience, this campaign speaks true to us and is a catalyst to inspire the writer in all of us.

Keep up to date with Katie’s letter writing journey for the #Write_On challenge via our Instagram and other social platforms. If you would also like to take part head over to for more info.

2019 Vol. V – International Women’s Day 09.03.19

Empowering songs from our favourite female artists, musicians and singers!

Happy International Women’s Day 08.03.19

What better way to celebrate IWD than with some reflection on our humble little business…. As you may know I started the brand back in 2010 wanting to create paper products that reflect my love of typography and vintage stationery items. What you may not know is that my Mum was my first employee, helping to pack cards and send orders out. As the brand began to grow my sister Rachel joined the team – originally during her maternity leave before staying on full time. My sister and mum now run our production studio in Essex just minutes away from our childhood family home. They are absolutely critical in the running of the company and without doubt two of the best women I know. I feel very lucky that I get to do what I love for a living, and even luckier that I get to share it with my family.

We now have 10 employees working between Essex and our new London design studio. The team has grown very organically and is made up of mainly family and friends as well as a few new faces. As the company has grown, my goals have changed as i’m now not only a designer but an entrepreneur and business leader (which I never really considered at the start!) I still love to design and create beautiful products but also strive to create an open collaborative work environment where everyone has a voice and the opportunity to flourish. I am lucky to work with some amazing women and men, including my partner Ruairi and my uncle, Jonathan that make our team an amazing, inspiring place to work.



Meet our Stockists: Cursive 06.03.19

Meet Cursive, New York – A personal expression of Michael and Douglas’ combined love of objects and life. With one store at Grand Central and another on Broadway you are never to far away from your next stationery fix in NYC. Find out about their inspirations for opening and running their stores along with their top tips for visiting New York City and more.

Q. Why did you want to open your own store?

It was based around the idea that a stationery shop could be more, something inspired, different. We opened the first Cursive inside of ABC Carpet and Home almost 15 years ago; it was a much different time then.

Q. What is the story behind your stores name “Cursive”?

We had a list of names like Paperclip, “&” and Motel Deluxe.  All solid stationery and writing related themes, but we just couldn’t commit to any of them. One day while riding the subway I looked up and there, on a rocker kid’s jacket, was a little round pin that said CURSIVE.   Turns out it was the name of an Indie Rock band… perfect for what we were going to do with our shop!

Q. What has been the best moment in your stores life so far?

The spaces we have created for communities to form around are our biggest accomplishment. Seeing how much joy the shops inspire in people’s lives really gives us the most pleasure. Mom and Pop, or in our case, Pop and Pop shops are the backbones of communities.  Independent stores are a dying breed in New York City. It is very rewarding that we are supported and celebrated.

Q. One item you can’t live without?

A fine tip pen. Oh… and a journal.  And a cocktail… preferably all at the same time!

Q. Where did you first hear about Katie Leamon?  

We first discovered Katie’s line at the National Stationery Show in 2014. We are big proponents of trade fairs; it’s really the only way to see the complete vision and POV of the designers.

Q. Do you have a favourite Katie Leamon Product?

We are crazy about the marble notebooks!

Q. Your top tips for someone visiting New York City? 

Wear comfortable, but good looking shoes!  We walk everywhere and style counts here. Walk the Highline, starting at 34th Street, but only before 10am any unless you LOVE crowds.  Hit up the Whitney Museum of American Art, (it’s at the other end of the Highline) and have a drink outside at the top floor café.   After that, walk and get lost in the West Village. I would tell you where to eat, but then I wouldn’t be able to get a table!

Jonathan Donates 04.03.19

This month Jonathan donates to Born Free and has chosen the Happy Mother’s Day card.

A few years ago I travelled to South Africa and went on Safari, and for that reason I have chosen Born Free for the work that they do for animals. They work tirelessly to ensure that all wild animals, whether living in captivity or in the wild, are treated with compassion and respect and are able to live their lives according to their needs.

As a leading wildlife charity, they oppose the exploitation of wild animals in captivity and campaign to keep them where they belong – in the wild.

They promote Compassionate Conservation to enhance the survival of threatened species in the wild and protect natural habitats while respecting the needs and safeguarding the welfare of individual animals.


2019 Vol.IV – Short but sweet 25.02.19

Songs under 2 minutes… As February is the shortest month of the year we’ve put together a list of our favourite songs that are also short but sweet.

Plastic Pledge: February Update 22.02.19

Last month we announced our pledge to become plastic-free by 2020! We were so pleased and humbled by the response we received and have already made some steps towards our green goal!

As you may know all of our products are made in England which helps keep our carbon footprint to a minimum and last year we started looking for further environmentally friendly options to make our business greener. Our pencils were one of the first products to become plastic-free when we introduced boxes last year, and this year we replaced cello’s with paper belly bands on our new Lay-flat Notebooks.

We are currently running through on all existing stock of cellophane, and are looking forward to introducing a packaging alternative in the near future with plans to trial eco paper stickers as a way to package card and envelopes together.

Shipping is another key area we have looked into and now only using biodegradable bubble wrap for our wholesale orders, as well as all exterior packaging for our retail orders being cardboard only!

We know there’s still a long way to go on our path to becoming a brand totally free from single-use plastics, so if you have any ideas or suggestions please get in touch!

Top 10 Instagram accounts to follow Vol.II

We live in a digital world and although we still love delving into books, visiting galleries and browsing the shops – Instagram has become one of our go-to’s for inspiration and allows us to connect with people from all over the world that we may not have been able to otherwise.

Here are 10 of our favourite accounts that inspire and motivate!


Featuring the world’s most beautiful independent shops, this page is both interior inspiration and a ‘places to visit’ list.


Designer, Illustrator and blogger Zeena Shah has one of the coolest aesthetics on Instagram especially if you like pastel pink!


London based artist and designer – you will love her illustrations especially her expressive portraits!


Daily inspiration for creative, career-driven woman.


A UK centric travel blog that makes you realise just how beautiful the UK can be.

If you’ve seen the Netflix show “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo” it may have already changed the way you live. If you haven’t, follow KonMari for some very tidy interior inspo.


Illustrator and expert in colour Giacomo Bagnara is a must follow. His feed is full of clever designs and visual puns.


Owner of The People Shop in Birmingham and More recently founder of The Rebel Womans Club, she is our go-to for feel good vibes!


Christoph Neimann is an award-winning illustrator and artist. His Instagram feed is described as visual storytelling and his posts will make you stop scrolling every time.


A mum/blogger that posts everything home/interior design related.

2019 Vol.III – Love Songs 08.02.19

For those who don’t want to write a love letter this Valentine’s Day, how about a mix-tape instead? Here are 10 of our favourite love songs to get you started

How to Write a Love Letter

It’s almost Valentine’s Day which means it’s the perfect time to pull out all the stops for your loved one, and what better way than to write a love letter. In todays society we all now communicate via text message, email or social media and it seems the art of letter writing is fading into obscurity, however this can actually make writing a love letter so much more special. A letter is tangible and is something your partner will open, read and then cherish forever. Love letters can solidify milestones in your relationship and can be read again and again to reaffirm feelings. We realise that it can be hard to express your true feelings sometimes but you don’t have to be a poet or literary genius to write a love letter, so to help you get started here are our top tips…

Make a list

Begin by making a list of all the things you love about your partner, including treasured memories and dreams of the future.

Make it Personal

This is for the person that you know better than anyone, so mention all the little idiosyncrasies and moments that they might not even realise you notice or have remembered.

Speak from the heart

Be honest, this is a chance to write the things you want to say but can never find the the right time or words. Writing will give you chance to to think of exactly how to express yourself and you won’t be in danger of saying something of the cuff and it coming out wrong.

It’s easy to be cheesy

Steer clear of clichés and rhymes but quotes and song lyrics can work well in moderation.

Short is sweet

Don’t worry about the word count, because remember it’s the thought and effort that counts.

Use good stationery

A beautiful envelope and some luxury writing paper can take your love letter to the next level (we might just know where to get some). For writing, we would always recommend a fountain pen, it brings out personality in your handwriting and will give it a classic timeless feel.

Send it

This sounds like the easiest but can sometimes be the hardest part. Just think how much you would appreciate receiving one and then take the plunge.

Images courtesy of: Home of Juniper, Jollity Shop and Paper & Grace.

Charlotte Donates 01.02.19

This month Charlotte donates to Help for Heroes and has chosen the Not All Superheroes Wear Capes card.

Help for Heroes supports Serving and Reservist Personnel and Veterans who have suffered injuries or illness as a result of their service to the Nation. The Charity also helps their close family and dependents. I have chosen this charity as my older brother has been serving in the army since he left school and although not affected by injury or illness himself many he knows have. I feel that they do such an important job for us and our country that we in turn should help to support them.


2019 Vol.II – Burns Night 25.01.19

Happy Burns Night to all of our Scottish friends! To celebrate we have put together a playlist of some of our favourite artists and bands from Scotland. 

Meet Our Stockists: Seed 24.01.19

Meet SEED, a shop on the beautiful Catherine Hill in Frome, Somerset. Home to an emerging generation of creative talent, they specialise in sourcing a diverse mix of homewares, jewellery, textiles and ceramics from across the UK and beyond. We caught up with Sinead to talk about running the shop, her love of notebooks and all you need to know when visiting Frome.

Q. Tell us about why you opened the store?

I had the idea for Seed when I was at university. Then whilst I was working in fashion, I saved and started planning the store and website.  I was lucky in my job to shop around the world, but there became fewer stores especially in UK which were different and offered something inspiring and with provenance.  For me the high street was becoming a blur of mass produced homogenised products and I wanted to offer something hand crafted, something that has a story. We opened the first shop in 2010.

Q. Is there a story behind your stores name?

I named the business Seed, from the proverb ‘from small acorns do mighty oaks grow’ It was the Seed of my idea and the independent makers, nurturing and supporting each other to grow together.

Q. What has been the best moment in your stores life so far?

Oh that’s tricky we’ve been lucky to have lots of great moments. More recently opening our newest shop was incredible.  We relocated to the bottom of Catherine Hill, Frome in February 2018.  I had always loved the space but never imagined it would one day be home to Seed.  It’s a beautiful light and airy two storey building, with lots of period features, the huge windows look out on St Catherine’s, it’s the perfect spot and has given me the space to extend our ranges.  We’ve just introduced clothing and will be offering workshops in the coming months.

Q. What is one item you can’t live without?

My notebooks, I love a list and have to jot or sketch all my ideas down.

Q. Where did you first hear about Katie Leamon?  

We met at a trade show in the early days of our businesses, it’s been wonderful to see her brilliant brand grow over the years.  It’s always a real treat to see the new collections and see the team.

Q. What is your favourite Katie Leamon Product?

I’ve always loved stationery, so I’d have to say my pencils.  However I can’t bring myself to use them as they’re just so gorgeous, so they’re an ornamental feature on my desk.  Please tell me I’m not the only person who collects stationery and doesn’t use it?!

Q. What would be your top tip for someone visiting Frome?

I’d recommend staying for a weekend and wonder off the beaten track, you’ll find an array of brilliant independent shops and wonderful cafes and restaurants. Then just 5 minutes away and you’ll be in the most beautiful countryside.  A perfect weekend to visit is the first Sunday of the month (March- December) when the streets are closed off and the Frome Independent market takes over the town.  There are food treats, flea market, artisan products and lots of live entertainment. I don’t know anyone who has visited who hasn’t dreamt of moving here.

Our pledge to be Plastic Free by 2020 11.01.19

We are all aware of the devastating impact plastic has on the environment. At Katie Leamon, we are constantly trying to find new ways to make our company as sustainable as possible. Currently, all of our products are made in England, of which the majority are recyclable and we ensure that all of our cards are FSC certified, this is a method by which companies can show their commitment to the environment and responsible forest management.

Moving forward, we are committed to using recycled and biodegradable materials in our products and are looking into plastic-free alternatives for packaging. The time is now to act to ensure a better future for everyone and that is why we are pledging to go plastic-free by 2020.