Did you know we use 4,861 disposable paper cups a minute in the UK? That’s 7 million a day, or just over 2.5 billion a year. Ever wondered how all these Coffee Cups are recycled?

Little things can make a big difference. That’s why we decided to do something a little bit different with our new cards.

Recycling Coffee Cups – The Process

We source our paper from G.F Smith and they work in partnership with James Cropper paper makers. Coffee Cups are sent to CupCycling™. Here paper fibres are rescued and the remaining plastic is recycled. The paper fibres are then placed into the papermaking process, pulp is also used to ensure paper quality. The pulp is sourced from managed forests meaning Extract paper is FSC certified and for every tree felled, 3 are planted. This is then made into beautifully crafted paper.

Finally, our designs are then printed onto the Extract paper using recyclable foil and turned into beautiful greeting cards that are 100% recyclable & plastic free.

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If you’d like to know more about extract paper please visit extractpapers.co.uk and cupcycling.co.uk