How many letters will you write during National Letter Writing month? We first discovered the Write_On campaign back in 2016 through one of our favourite US brands – Egg Press. Katie took part in the challenge that year and wrote 30 letters throughout April (one per day).

Since then our company has grown, we’ve moved studios (twice) and Katie & Ruairi have welcomed Baloo into the world. As such, we haven’t been in a position to take part but this year we can’t wait to get involved once more. As a brand we have always been advocates of written correspondence and constantly push to keep the art of letter writing alive. At a time of such digital convenience, this campaign speaks true to us and is a catalyst to inspire the writer in all of us.

Keep up to date with Katie’s letter writing journey for the #Write_On challenge via our Instagram and other social platforms. If you would also like to take part head over to for more info.