Katie Leamon Radio: Autumn Vol. VII 11.10.19

Our latest playlist from the Katie Leamon Radio. Autumn Vol. VII eases us into this part of the year with easy lyrics and some amazing instrumentals.

Happy Friday, enjoy! X

Evening Standard Magazine’s Elizabeth Street Social

Join us for the Evening Standard’s Magazine Social on Elizabeth Street on the 17th October from 5 – 9pm. London’s prettiest neighbourhood, Elizabeth Street, will host a shopping evening in partnership with ES Magazine. Visit a pop-up bar for pampering with nails by London Grace, hair by Issy’s and SMUK on make-up. The pop-up will also host panel discussions on the biggest Fall trends in food and beauty. On the evening Elizabeth Street’s beautiful brands will be hosting in-store activity and some exclusive offers. And of course, you can stop by the Katie Leamon Pop Up shop for a complimentary drink. We will also be offering free personalised notebooks for purchases on our HiDE Organisers & HiDE Pouch. As well as, five free Katie Leamon pencils with purchases of our HiDE pencil cases & pouches.

Here are some of the other exclusive Elizabeth Street offers on the night:

The Athenian: enjoy 10% discount for the evening.

Beulah: 10% discount on the AW19 collection.

Hawico Scotland: 10% discount on the AW19 collection; colour-selection service, with bubbles and nibbles.

Jo Loves: win a Jo Loves Shot Candle Experience.

Joanna Wood: free gift when spending over £50 and enjoy a glass of prosecco on the night.

ME+EM: enjoy a glass of Champagne as you shop

NRBY: 10% discount, plus the chance to win a £250 voucher

Stivaleria Cavallin: 20% discount, prosecco as you shop and a talk to discover ‘the art of shoe making’.

Summerill & Bishop: 10% discount on selected lines throughout the day.

We very much look forward to seeing you on the night and sharing the delights of what the Evening Standard Magazine Social has to offer.

Gifts For People Who Have Everything 30.09.19

Most of us have at least one friend or relative who has everything. When it comes to buying gifts, shopping for presents for those hard-to-buy-for people can be daunting, but there is a solution. In the last decade, there has been a noticeable rise in the popularity of personalised gifts, with a dazzling array of options now available both in-store and online. If you find yourself in a scenario where you’re struggling to think of novel ideas for a sibling or a friend who already has every gift on your mental short-list, adding a personal touch could solve your dilemma.

The history of personalisation

The popularity of personalised gifts may have soared recently but adding personal touches to presents is not a new concept. If you look back through history, there are some very early references to personalisation. In the Middle Ages, artisans often added a symbol, a name or carefully-selected lettering when creating bespoke items to take ownership of the product, but this practice quickly evolved. Monogramming became a means of marking your work, but also adding something extra to a token or gift. In the Renaissance era, incorporating personalised messages became more commonplace, and sweet ditties and romantic verses were often used for engagement and wedding gifts. Today, personalisation takes a diverse range of forms, and it’s possible to purchase a selection of objects branded with letters, poetry, dates, and places. Personalised gifts have a luxurious edge, and they are often associated with exclusive brands.

Why are personalised gifts so popular?

We all have an affinity with our names. Of all the names that our parents could have chosen for us, they selected one moniker. As a child, I would get excited whenever I saw something with my name on, and although the intensity of the feeling may wane as I aged, it never really leaves. (This was our only drawback in choosing an unusual name for Baloo!) Another draw is the thought that goes into buying or designing a personalised item. Usually, when browsing the aisles and shelves, either physical or virtual, we select a product, wrap it, and give it to a loved one. With a personalised present, there’s an extra stage in the process, and this automatically makes that gift more thoughtful. As a buyer, you’ve gone out of your way to do something different and select an item that is unique. Human beings are innately sociable creatures, and we’re programmed to respond positively to warmth and affection. Feeling like you mean something to others can fill you with unbridled joy.

Personalised gifts have also become more popular because we buy tokens for an ever-growing range of occasions, and many of us have an innate desire to purchase something that isn’t ordinary or run-of-the-mill. We’re increasingly keen to swerve the tried and tested and think outside of the box to show those closest to us just how much they mean.

Personalised gift ideas

Personalised gifts have become much more accessible, and for shoppers searching for tasteful, meaningful presents for relatives, colleagues, or friends, this is excellent news. There is a broad spectrum of gifts available to cater for all kinds of interests and tastes. Here is a carefully curated selection of ideas to provide inspiration if you’re looking for the perfect gift for somebody who has everything.

Personalised notebooks and stationery

If you have a friend who loves to write, or you’re on the hunt for a classic, timeless gift that looks beautiful and also serves a purpose, bespoke stationery is a wonderful option. Products like monogrammed, personalised notebooks and customised writing sets are a cut above standard items you would find in a stationery store, and they’re likely to appeal to a wide range of recipients. From those who keep a journal to list lovers and those who like to make notes either inside or outside of work, this is a perfect choice.  We have a great selection of personalised notebooks, correspondence sets, and leather stationery.


Jewellery has been a popular gift for centuries. Although styles and trends have changed, many of us love nothing more than opening a box to reveal something shiny or sparkly. Personalised jewellery adds another dimension and adding a date or a name can elevate what is already a beautiful item to the next level. For any occasion, incorporating details and letters and numbers that mean something can make your gift even more precious. I was given a tiny gold disc pendent with a ‘b’ on it when I had baloo and it hasn’t left my neck in over 2 years.

Prints and artwork

There is something special about gifting prints and artwork. To choose something like a picture or a framed image requires you to know somebody well, as you’re looking for a style that would jump out and evoke an emotional response in another person, rather than catering for your own taste. When choosing prints, you can enhance the gift by incorporating a personal touch. Adding names or special dates, for example, can make that person feel as though that design was made specifically for them and create a present that will forever bring back memories or conjure up happy thoughts. We have a range of personalised prints available.


Gift hampers have become incredibly fashionable in the last few years. While going to a store and selecting a basket filled with treats is a lovely idea, you can go one step further if you choose to embrace the personalisation trend. If you know the recipient well, you can put together a sumptuous selection of their favourite things, creating a bespoke hamper. From toiletries, candles, and luxury pyjamas for a relaxing, tranquil night of pampering to a decadent selection of edible delicacies, you can adapt this idea to suit any occasion. My favourite hampers come from Fortnum & Mason.

Trying to buy gifts for people who have everything can be exasperating. If you’re fretting about treating somebody special, and you’re experiencing a mental block, personalised gifts could provide a solution. Adding personal touches not only creates unique presents, but it also adds a meaningful element. Once you’ve selected an item you know your friend or family member will love, you can put your own spin on it or add words, letters, or dates that mean something to them to elevate that product and make it extra special. Gift buying doesn’t have to be a chore and there are some fabulous personalised items out there to suit all occasions.

Take a look at all of our personalised gift ideas.

The Art of Wrapping Gifts 02.09.19

Wrapping paper – with a history dating back thousands of years, we frequently purchase to wrap birthday, anniversary, Christmas presents and any other special occasion gifts. But have you ever wondered, why do we wrap gifts?

In this journal post, we will take you through a brief history, show you the importance of gift wrapping and why it is now considered an art form that shouldn’t be ignored.

A Brief History of Wrapping Paper

A tradition that dates back to ancient China (in the 2nd Century BC in fact), gifts were wrapped and then distributed by government officials.

In 14th Century Japan, gift wrapping soon became an art. Furoshiki, which involves the technique of pleating and folding cloth meant that people could wrap gifts in an exciting and aesthetically-pleasing way. A method that is still seen today, it is delicate and elegant.

Fast forward to 1917 in Kansas City. The Hall brothers (who later created the internationally-renowned Hallmark company) owned a stationery store that sells greeting cards, gift tags and white tissue paper. After running out of the tissue paper, they attempt to find an alternative. And they settled on envelope liners. This crucial choice developed into the wrapping paper that we see today. Since then, the technique of wrapping gifts has developed so that it is now considered a work of art.

In 18th Century Scotland and England, decorated wrapping paper rapidly became a huge craze. From gold-embossing to marbled papers, it was no longer about plain wrapping paper. Instead, people wanted to receive and give gifts that were wrapped in a remarkable paper.

In the modern-day, people are looking towards higher-end wrapping paper that follows interior design trends. Whether it be marbling or polka dots, there is always a new trend that is echoed in the stationary industry.

Making Gifts Extraordinary

Alongside the wrapping paper you can add wonderful touches like twine, ribbon, a bow (the US believe that the bigger the bow the better!) or even a simple gift tag. A great way of enclosing the present so that it is a surprise for the receiver, it shows that you have taken the time to not only select a wrapping paper that suits them but that you have put the effort into concealing what you have bought and adding to the suspense of the unveiling.

Just think about it. A bare gift in a bag is bound to make the receiver feel a little less enthused. Not in an ungrateful way, by any means. But a wrapped gift adds a special touch that simply can’t be replicated by an unwrapped gift. Heightening the experience overall, there is nothing quite like ripping open a present – no matter what the occasion.

For me, I reminisce about being a child and it came time to opening presents on Christmas Day, now I am older and have a child, it’s as exciting again, if not more, to see his expression when faced with an array of oddly shaped objects all mystically covered in colourful gift wrap.

An Art Form in Itself

Now, not everyone is amazing at wrapping. And I’m sure that your relatives or friends won’t be distraught if your wrapping isn’t a complete work of art. Speaking from experience – Ruairi’s signature wrap is ton foil, but it still adds to the excitement! But with the right tools and materials, you can wrap gifts in a way that will make them eager to see the gift inside.

One thing to remember is to not use too much paper or tape. Too much tape on a gift shows that you have rushed the wrapping process. Whereas too much paper is not only wasteful, but it can make the process of unwrapping more difficult than it should really be.

Not everyone can afford professional gift wrapping. So if you are looking for a fun (and more budget-friendly) alternative, the first step you can take is using good-quality wrapping paper. Even though it is tempting to use the cheapest wrapping paper you can find, this could rip when it comes time to enclose the gift – sending you into a panicked frenzy. High-quality wrapping paper will also make the gift look a little more premium – which therefore gives off a good impression when you hand the gift to them.

With numerous inspiration posts across the web, it’s clear that the world of gift wrapping will continue to grow. So make sure that you aren’t left behind. Invest in some wrapping paper and gift tags, so that when it comes time to wrap a gift, you aren’t left in a last-minute rush that means that the gift isn’t wrapped how you would have wanted.

Add a touch of creative flair with wrapping paper that you are proud of. And by doing so, your loved one will love your remarkable gift. Just remember to not go too over the top on gift wrapping – even if it is a Pinterest masterpiece, it probably won’t be worth the effort or money that you have put into it.

Tips for Wrapping

  1. Cut your wrapping paper so you’re able to wrap the gift with 5cm extra. Paper should cover both sides of the package’s height.
  2. Position the narrow side of your box diagonally across the sheet of wrapping paper. Yes, diagonally, trust us it’s better.
  3. Fold the bottom and left sides up and over the gift.
  4. Tape those sides together on the top of the gift.
  5. Fold the top and right sides up and over the gift.
  6. Tape those and you’re all done.
  7. Tie the gift with a length of luxury ribbon – the quality really shines and they’ll likely want to reuse it on their own gifts.
  8. Attach one of our gift tags, sign your name and you’re done.

Shop Katie Leamon Wrapping Paper

Is your loved one’s birthday coming up? Or perhaps another special occasion is rapidly approaching. Don’t worry, we have you covered. With a wide collection of luxury wrapping paper, you are guaranteed to find a style that you adore. We also have a collection of beautiful gift tags, which you can use to write a memorable handwritten note on. Better still, use one of our hand printed monogrammed postcards with your recipients initial on and combine great wrapping with a personal touch.

Our selection provides you with wrapping paper that your family member or friend will love. Adding an extraordinary touch to their day and with designs that will make your gifts stand out. Created with love and proudly made in England, our collection is perfect for any occasion throughout the year.

POP UP SHOP 21.08.19

We wanted to update you with the finer details of our upcoming Pop Up Shop to avoid any disappointment! We open officially on September 7th September at 10am! We will be hosting workshops every other tuesday from late september and will have them up on the site to buy soon as well as being available to buy in store!

The full details are as follows:

Address: 73 Elizabeth Street, Belgravia, London, SW1W 9PJ (few doors down from the iconic Peggy Porschen’s bakery!)

Opening Times: 10-6pm Monday – Saturday // Sundays 11-5pm – {Please note our sunday trading is a little uncertain at the moment as we are not sure how busy it will be but we aim to be open during these hours.}


Keep a lookout on our instagram for daily updates! @katieleamon

Katie Leamon Radio: Summer Vol. VI 08.08.19

Tune into our latest playlist showcasing some of our favourite tracks from New York Artist’s. We head over to the Big Apple this weekend for the NY NOW gift fair! If you’re visiting we are in booth 7521, if not, enjoy a slice of the city with our NY summer playlist.

Katie Leamon X Emma Alington 06.08.19

Introducing the Katie Leamon X Emma Alington Collaboration. As you may have spotted we have recently been working with the super talented Emma Alington to create our debut collection of ceramic homewares.

We first met Emma nearly a year ago at London’s Design Junction where we both bonded over monochrome patterns, delicate gold details and quality materials…. it was clear from the outset our brands were aligned. Emma’s brand centres on beautiful hand crafted ceramic products for the home & table. She begins work at the potters wheel or by slip casting, lovingly moulding her shapes and bringing them to life.

Its been a joy to work alongside Emma to select the right pieces for the collection as well as moulding our patters around some of her best selling styles and combining our aesthetics to create a beautiful collection we cannot wait to share with you.

The Katie Leamon X Emma Alington collection will officially launch online and in our pop up shop in September but here is a sneak preview from the range.


We hope you enjoy this summery playlist!


Image, Mak & Ruby

24 Hours in Bristol 25.07.19

Following the Mollie Makes awards I extended my trip to give myself 24 hours to explore Bristol and boy what a city! Here is a round up of how I spent 24 hours in Bristol and what I would recommend you get on your list next time you’re in town…

Cargo, Wapping Wharf: Its a new concept area on Bristols harbour-side full of converted shipping containers. There are independent shops and eateries galore, in fact there is too much choice if anything! I dined at Woky Ko and I can’t recommend it highly enough. Delicious bao buns and noodles, friendly service, lovely harbour-side views.

Vintage Shops: If you read our guide to Amsterdam and Lisbon then you’ll know I love a vintage shop! If there is a flea market or second hand shop to find, ill find it, and luckily Bristol has a wealth of them! I could spend all day rummaging through all the incredible finds if I had the chance. I treated myself and Ruairi to a couple of bits from Sobey’s and highly recommend a visit!

Clifton; Suspension Bridge & Village: The bridge is probably a staple part of a trip to Bristol whether you drive or walk over it…. Although up some pretty unforgiving hills from the harbour, when you get to the top the view is all worthwhile and it feels like you could be anywhere. Clifton Village itself is a great spot for a coffee and a browse. I stopped for brunch in Rosemario’s and people watched as Clifton came to life with dog walkers, commuters and school runs.

No trip to Bristol could be complete for a stationery addict without a visit to Papersmith’s. Im sure those of you reading this need no introduction but in case you do, they are full of an eclectic mix of stationery finds from across the world and Clifton Village was their first store, so its well worth a visit.


Street Art: Bristol is Banksy’s home town. Meander the streets and you will undoubtedly stumble past original Banksy’s on your travels. Its an inspiring city full of street artists with an appreciative audience. There is a wealth of inspiring things to look out for including this one which I loved!


Finally, Bristol’s Independent retailers; Bristol is the queen of the independent shops, with too few to mention, so head up to Gloucester road in the north of the city centre for the longest run of independents in Europe! There are also a great selection south of the harbour on North Street. Opposite sides of the city but worth the hilly climb!

Katie x

Mollie Makes Handmade Awards 2019

A few weeks ago I was honoured to be a judge at the Mollie Makes Handmade Awards in Bristol. It was an incredible experience to be part of and I was lucky enough to meet some really exciting new brands as well as some lovely fellow judgers.

Huge congratulations goes out to The Completist; winners of the Small Business Award. They were incredibly considered and thought out and have huge potential to be a globally renowned brand.

The Established business went to Elspeth Jackson of Ragged Life. Her enthusiasm and success making rugs from rags was the perfect example of someone turning their passion into their business and showing that our lost crafts are making a huge comeback.

The Hand Made Champion award went to Diana Bardega of Mamahood, they support and champion independent businesses run by mothers, giving them a community of support and a outlet for their work. Its more than just a business, its a collection of inspiring women with a strong voice. 

The Best Illustrator Award was picked up by Liz Harry – her flair, unique style and strong brand identity bagged her the prize, and is certain to be another brand to keep your eyes peeled for.

Finally there was the Best Workshop Award, in association with West Elm: Francesca Klutz at The London Loom picked up the award…. Her therapeutic, inspiring workshops bring a community of crafters from all ages and abilities together in a vibrant and energetic environment and support the community while they are at it! Hats off to that!


Sadly not everyone could win, however I have to mention two of my favourites that didn’t pick up a prize.  They were in tough categories and sadly there can only be one winner, but had we been able to crown more people, I know mine would have gone to Emma West Illustration and Hannah Whitham’s; You are Small. Emma’s dedication to the narrative, care and passion was so apparent and so beautiful to see. When her first book is published be sure to pick a copy up….. from children’s stories to educational leaflets, the innocence and detail of her illustrations is beautiful.

Finally, Hannah’s You are Small brand echo’s a similar story to that of my own… producing hand made things from the kitchen table and trying to meander your way into the business world with it all. They made hand dyed children’s socks, tights and clothes and are simply stunning. I would have worn them all myself! Her attention to detail and knowledge of colour palettes was inspiring and I hope to see them in more shops soon!

Katie x 

SAMPLE SALE 22.07.19

As we prepare to move into our Pop Up shop it means we have to sadly leave our Tottenham home. Therefore, we have decided to host a flash sample sale for the week of 22nd -25th July 2019. You can expect to find some old, some new and some ‘nearly got there’ pieces from over the years. 

Please join us to find a bargain. We have notebooks, HiDE leather, greetings cards, notepads, pencils. And for those who want to be extra prepared….lots of Christmas goodies too. As well as lots more!

The sample sale will be based at our London Studio. Starting Monday 22nd July until Thursday 24th July from 10am – 5pm. With a late opening on Wednesday, 10am – 8pm.

Please use the map below for directions to our studio – look forward to meeting you here.


If you have any requests or would like to know more about the sample sale, please don’t hesitate to call us on 07957 006 360 or email 

Summer Vol.IV: Katie Leamon Radio 12.07.19

Enjoy some of our laid back summer favourites this weekend with the latest from Katie Leamon Radio! 

5 Must See Exhibitions in London this Weekend 04.07.19

London in the sunshine is a hard thing to beat, and with the wealth of creative exhibitions on at the moment, the capital has never looked better. Here is a few of our favourites that we recommend heading to this weekend..

First up is FOOD; Bigger than the plate – another great exhibition by the V&A. The exhibition explores current experiments at every stage of the food process, calling into question sustainability, politics and pleasures related to the food industry. It’s a great favourite for all the family.

Click here to book your tickets!


Another favourite of ours is the powerful Cindy Sherman exhibition currently showing at The National Portrait Gallery. As keen photographers and Cindy enthusiasts it was a must see for us and we cant recommend it enough. Her work continues to grab our attention and her sense of disguise and intrigue are ever present in this retrospective.

You can get your hands on some tickets here!


Finally, one of my favourite places to visit in London… The Science Museum. An institution for the curious mind of both children and adults alike. They have just launched their Top Secret Exhibition; It explores over a century’s worth of communications intelligence including the story of the famous Bletchley Park team that cracked the Enigma code in 1941.

The exhibition is free (woohoo!) but you have to book your slot here.

The Science Museum is also celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the moon landing with an immersive festival for all the family. Another reason to get yourselves over there this weekend. You can get more information on the Summer of Space Festival here.

Summer Playlist Vol.III | Katie Leamon Radio 28.06.19

Summer is finally here! Grab a drink, get outside, turn the music up and get the festival feeling with this weeks playlist. 


Katie Leamon Pop-Up Shop, Elizabeth Street

We are incredibly excited to announce that we are going to have our very own little pop up shop opening in September (Exact date TBC). We will be take up residence in a beautiful little spot in south west London, a few doors down from the iconic Peggy Porschen Bakery on retail’s royalty; Elizabeth Street and a stones throw away from the honey pot that is Eccleston Yard. 

It’s been a dream come true to be able to pour my heart into building a little stationery haven home to our lovely little paper goods. My imagination is having to be reigned inline with our budget when planning; I’m tempted to serve penny sweets and champagne to every customer!! We will however, be hosting a variety of workshops including our popular hand printing and Christmas card workshops as well as hosting sales evenings for our lovely stockists. 

We will bring more info as the plans unravel but be sure to make some time to pop in and say hello! We will be there until Christmas at least (all being well) so plenty of time to stock up for the festive season!! (Sorry to mention Christmas when we finally have summer in our hands!)